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A typical full day visit to Shaw Woods (depending on your arrival time)

Arrival, Snack & Bathroom Break              10:15 am

Introductions & Facilities                            10:30 am

Program Option 1                                       10:30 am- 12:00 pm

Lunch & Free Explore                                 12:00 pm-12:30 pm

Program Option 2                                       12:30 pm-2:00 pm

Free Time & Depart                                     2:00 pm-2:15 pm


"Every trip we have taken to Shaw Woods with our Kindergarten students has been a fun adventure! You just can’t beat fresh air, hikes through the beautiful pines, and a picnic lunch at the biggest picnic table ever! Hiking to the lookout to check on the Bald Eagles is always a highlight, and climbing on the big boulders in the middle of the woods. Our team teachers have always arranged engaging games for us, and even took us snowshoeing! We hope to return again very soon.” 

-Kindergarten Teacher

“I have taken Grade 1 and 2 students to experience a variety of outdoor education programs at Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre over the past 3 years including learning about leadership, plants, birds, and mammals.  Each time I was impressed with the quality of the programs with regard to the knowledge and preparedness of the educators who were our leaders for the day. The best part of the excursions for the class was the opportunity to learn “in” nature about nature. Children today certainly lack in these simple experiences compared to previous generations. The students were excited by what they were learning and how they were learning. I will continue to bring students back to Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre in the future.”

-Grade 1&2 Teacher

General Expectations

Trail Etiquette:

When we are hiking on trails, we remain on the trails unless a program facilitator directs you to do otherwise, based on program requirements. This helps lower our impact on the surrounding forest.


Picking and Collecting:

We know the plants are beautiful here but please refrain from picking or damaging them. They serve an important role in the forest ecosystem and it is vital for their regeneration that they are left to grow   and reproduce without our interference.



Under no circumstances should anyone leave litter on the ground.  Pack out what you pack in and if you see any trash, please pick it up and dispose of it in the proper receptacle on-site (compost, recycle,   or waste).



We hope all of the wildlife, plants and people are respected during your visit. Enjoy the wildlife from a distance; do not feed the animals. Please use respectful  language during your visit.



Come prepared with enough water, snacks/lunch for the day. Dress for changing weather conditions based on the season to the best of your ability. Bring extra socks/mittens for cold & wet days.

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